About me & my blog


Hi there, number 22 here from the Cleary University softball team. When I first created this blog I figured it would be something that not only would help fulfill an assignment for a class but also be a fun project for myself to reflect on later, vent a bit, and also help out other athletes who are contemplating collegiate athletes and more specifically playing sports at Cleary University. Thinking back to when I was a high school junior deciding whether or not to continue my athletic career into the college world or to simply focus on academics (and fun) there were millions of questions I had, and the kind you cannot casually walk up to a school representative and informally ask. Since I just wrapped up my junior year of college at Cleary…. WOAH. I figured I have been through literally hell and back with this school and the athletics program and there is a zillion things I could highlight for individuals trying to decide if college athletics or athletics at CU is right for them. My college and athletic career may be coming to an end this time next year…talk about bitter sweet, but I hope I can take a step back and give you a glimpse into the life of a CU softball player.  I hope to answer and explain some aspects of the college athlete life, specifically at Cleary, so here goes nothing…